At this time we are only accepting new customers with European vehicles 2006 year model and newer. This is due to schedule overloading and parts availability. Returning customers feel free to contact us for an appointment. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Automotive Maintenance, Repair & Services

Huntsville Automotive Inc diagnostics and repair have consistently ranked us in the top for all repair services in the Northern Alabama area. We provide dealership quality services and repairs at a discounted price. When provided with a written estimate from the dealership we are usually able to provide the same quality services for much less. We are able to perform all mechanical repairs and maintenance on your vehicle including some software and programming.

Preventive Maintenance

A common overlooked aspect of maintaining a vehicle is the factory scheduled and recommended repairs. Many times an expensive repair can be avoided altogether when these items are closely monitored and maintained. Unsure of what your car needs and at what mileages? Give us a call and we will be more than happy to look these items up.

Our recommended preventative maintenance services include:

*Please refer to your owners manual for a complete list of what service intervals are due. If you have any questions about exact details, please call or text our service writer today.

24/24 Car Warranty

24/24 Warranty

We offer an industry leading 24 month or 24,000 mile warranty.

Brake Repair & Service

The brakes on your vehicle are one of the top safety items and are commonly overlooked by many. The thickness of your brake pad or drum liner is only a small portion of the entire system. There are many moving parts that can become seized over time from lack of service or improper service. Make sure to trust us with these repairs as a budget service can often cause greater issues.

Transmission Service & Repair

Many times a customer asks, should I service my transmission. There is no clear answer to this question without knowing the full service history of your vehicle and doing a proper inspection. If your transmission has an issue then it is never recommended to change the fluid before you allow us to properly diagnose the concern. Many times performing a fluid and filter service on a damaged transmission will leave it in a unworking state.

Oil Change & Lube Service

Oil is perhaps the most important part of an internal combustion engine. Running an engine low of oil, with contaminated or, or with old broken down oil will ultimately result in a failed engine. It is critical to maintain the oil in your engine by following factory recommended maintenance intervals as well as performing oil level checks periodically between oil changes. 

The argument does remain about what type and what weight oil to run in your vehicle. It is always recommended to run the factory recommended weight of oil and if the manufacturer recommends a full synthetic oil to remain with a full synthetic oil. If your vehicle calls for a standard oil and you wish to change over to a full synthetic oil we will be happy to assist. The cost does go down as the oil and filter is only changed half as often. It is never recommended to mix oils or to change types excessively. Pick a high quality oil and stick with it. 

As our mission is to provide Huntsville, AL and the surrounding areas with a place that takes care of all their vehicle needs, we provide oil changes for all cars and trucks. We additionally offer a complimentary digital inspection with your oil change as we care about your safety.

Tune Ups

Our list of items that should be included in a “complete” tune-up commonly includes:

Note that as cars become more advanced, many items will become obsolete such as spark plug wires but are usually replaced with the use of many coils instead of just one.

Cooling System Service and Repair

Proper cooling system maintenance involves more than just ensuring the coolant level is full. Maintaining the correct coolant/water mixture is critical to prevent engine freezing in the winter time. Coolant flushes will prevent sludging of coolant (some brands) and will ensure the nitrate levels remain within a safe range for your engine. Ignoring your coolant can cause an engine failure in multiple different ways. 

If you have a coolant leak issue we have adaptors to pressure test all cooling systems on the market to properly and safely identify the leak to provide the fastest and most reliable service possible.

Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Air conditioning systems are more advanced today than most people realize. Multiple switches, sensors, and sometimes mechanical valves will all be required to work in unison to allow the system to operate. If you have any issues or concerns with your A/C system, trust us to do a system freon level check and performance test to put your mind at ease. Also keep in mind the Air Conditioning system is required year round as it also is critical in the vehicles defrost function during the winter time.

Emergency Repairs

We try our best to get everyone on the road as quickly as possible. If you are traveling, have a company vehicle, or are in a position that you have no secondary vehicle we will prioritize your repairs to the best of our ability. Call our friendly service advisor today to discuss your repairs and what timeline you are working in. We will either help you on your timeline or make a suggestion as to reputable businesses that can.

Our 5-star repair service includes

*Call for additional information

We have an industry leading minimum 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on all repairs. *Excludes used powertrain items*

We are experienced at using computerized engine diagnostics to quickly and accurately identify and treat whatever symptoms your auto is experiencing. We have the latest information downloaded the day it becomes available to ensure we can operate at a level that exceeds your expectations. 

Towing service is available to one of our 3rd party vendors. We can even have the tow bill added to your final invoice to keep you from having to deal with multiple businesses during your breakdown.

Remember all repairs come with our multi point digital vehicle condition report

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We offer 10% parts and labor discounts to $50 for Military, Police, and Fire/Rescue Personnel.
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