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Expert BMW Repair & Service for Huntsville, AL

BMW Service & Repair Shop in Huntsville, AL

BMW is known for its handling and performance but must have routine inspections and maintenance performed periodically. There is nothing greater than the feeling of a well tuned and maintained BMW on the freeway. From tune-ups to tire air pressure, it all plays a large role in how your car handles and drives. 

At Huntsville Automotive Inc. in Huntsville, AL, we make it our top priority to keep your BMW running safely and efficiently with regular service, repair and maintenance. Automotive maintenance is important to keeping your BMW running in top condition and lasting long into the future. We provide multi-point digital inspections for your BMW with any service which helps limit the amount of repairs needed on your vehicle.

Bmw Repair

BMW Repair, Maintenance & Services

Some of the scheduled maintenance & services that your BMW may need include:

*Please refer to your owners manual for a complete list of what service intervals are due. If you have any questions about exact details please call or text our service writer today.

Why Choose Us

Our Technicians are passionate about repairing vehicles. When it comes to types of vehicle the performance and engineering of a BMW make a Technicians job a pleasure. We know that the owner of a BMW enjoys the experience of driving a BMW so we will ensure that all repairs are completed at the highest of quality that will compare or exceed dealership levels. We use Mitchell 1 repair information systems which gives us the same information that your local BMW dealership uses when repairing your car. 

We utilize the latest in Snap-on diagnostic equipment and Alignment systems to accurately and professionally diagnose your BMW. With the complexity of late model BMW’s the generic code scanners will typically do more harm than good when attempting to diagnose vehicle system issues. Due to this we have invested large amounts in the training and equipment our technicians have at their disposal.

24/24 Car Warranty

24/24 Warranty

We offer an industry leading 24 month or 24,000 mile warranty.

Common BMW Issues

We see BMW cars and SUVs on a regular basis and have seen a few pattern issues that may help you make a decision on who to trust and why not to attempt to DIY without proper tools and equipment. Some of the most common ones are:


Battery Replacement

It is not recommended for anyone to install a battery in your BMW without the proper computer equipment and expertise. If the incorrect battery is installed or if the correct resets are not performed you may experience multiple warning lights, sporadic window operation, sporadic sunroof operation, and shortened battery life. Please give us a call and we can usually correct these issues. In rare cases we have even seen module failure and lock-ups due to incorrect battery installation procedures. This can cost several thousand dollars to correct. Remember with the complexity of the modules and technology within your BMW it is best to trust a professional with repairs and maintenance.



BMW has a performance tuned suspension that requires weight to be placed in the vehicle during the alignment to preload the suspension. This can vary from a model with 350-400 pounds for your 2 door coupe to over 500 pounds in some of the X5 SUVs. If an alignment is performed without this weight being added the factory provided specifications will be incorrect. We have seen cars that handle very badly and wear tires out in less than 10,000 miles due to “budget” alignments. Trust the professionals for your tires and alignments on your BMW. The ride quality and life of your tires will be worth it.


PCV/Oil Trap

BMW engines are designed with extreme quality which leaves very little room for error in components. We commonly have cars come in the shop with a check engine light on and a loud whistle. This is commonly the oil trap which is part of the crankcase ventilation system. We have experience in repairing these systems to factory standards and have useful advice on quality of oil and oil change intervals to prevent further issues.


Oil Leaks

We mostly see failures in valve cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets, and oil filter housings. These are complex repairs that take a knowledgeable technician to complete. The valve cover gaskets on most models require removal of the high pressure fuel lines which should not be attempted without safety equipment. Please trust Huntsville Automotive with all your BMW repair needs.


Ignition Failure

We routinely see BMWs with a Check Engine light (sometimes flashing) that sometimes is due to failed ignition system components. Many times the parts that fail are items that would have been previously replaced with factory scheduled maintenance. If ignition issues are left untreated your BMW will experience poor fuel economy and after extended driving damage to catalytic converters.


Service Due

Service due message in your BMW is not the same as a check engine light. This is a reminder message that your vehicle is overdue for an oil service. Factory level scan tool is required to reset this light/message. If your oil change facility is not equipped to reset this message then they are most certainly not equipped to work on your BMW. Please leave the servicing to an expert that knows BMWs and can help you avoid costly repairs down the road with knowledgeable inspections. All our oil services or factory mileage maintenance come with a multi-point digital vehicle inspection.

Areas We Service

Our BMW repair and service shop is located in Huntsville, AL. We proudly serve the following areas: Ardmore, Athens, Cullman, Decatur, Fayetteville, Florence, Harvest, Hazel Green , Huntsville,Meridianville, Monrovia, Moores Mill, Muscle Shoals , Normal, Owens Cross Roads, Paint Rock, Redstone Arsenal, Scottsboro, Toney, Triana, and surrounding areas.

We at Huntsville Automotive Inc. look forward to being your Huntsville BMW repair and service shop.  Give us a call today to find out how pleasant your BMW service can be (256) 859-8559

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