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Mercedes stands out among all other vehicles. From the hood ornament, to the added luxuries and technology, not found with many other competitors. The handling and power, combined with many of the technological features such as adaptive seats and headlights, truly make driving a Mercedes an experience. 

At Huntsville Automotive, we have many, repeat, Mercedes Benz customers who understand what dealership quality repairs at an affordable price truly means. The services alone will leave many repair facilities speechless. So when your Mercedes is calling for that dreaded BG service leave it to the professionals to quickly inspect, scan, and isolate all required repairs to turn that pesky message off on your dash. It is common to have a new customer bring a Mercedes in and tell us another shop did the service but couldn’t reset the light. In all reality, if they can’t reset the light, they can’t see what services are due.

Mercedes Repair

Mercedes Repair, Maintenance & Services

Some of the scheduled maintenance & services that your Mercedes car, truck or SUV may need include:

24/24 Car Warranty

24/24 Warranty

We offer an industry leading 24 month or 24,000 mile warranty.

Common Fail Items

It is typical of all vehicles to have a few items that can cause mechanical failures from time to time. By trusting us with your Mercedes Benz you can rest assured that we are fully aware of the concern each of these items present to your vehicle and how to expertly correct them back to better than new standards. Some of these items we routinely see are:


Service Messages

It takes factory level scan tool abilities to view and reset overall service. If a shop can not view and reset the service message then they should not be working on your Mercedes. There are critical factory recommended inspections and replacements that should be performed when the on board computer recommends to keep your Mercedes running in like new condition. Ignoring these and only doing oil changes, or no maintenance at all, will end with expensive diagnostic and repair charges when these components fail. Regular investment into the overall condition of your Mercedes will save you money in the long run.


Air Suspension

Mercedes air suspension failures are a routine failure that happens with all vehicles as they age. After 5-10 years the rubber and plastic components will begin to harden and even dry rot. Initially the airbags will slowly leak air which over time will develop into a total failure. During the time the airbags are slowly leaking the air compressor is overworked in an attempt to compensate for this air pressure loss. From compressor replacement to complete airbag replacements, we can handle it all. With routine inspections we can often catch an airbag before it completely fails preventing the complete system failure.


Automatic sun screens

The automatic sunscreens in a Mercedes are one of the greatest features to have during that morning or evening commute. These wear over time and eventually will have a failure due to the motor being overworked. We can help by getting the screen in a downward position (in most cases) and in all cases replace it with a factory part to give you years of enjoyment to come.


Headlight failure

As with most features on a Mercedes, the headlamps are very advanced with adaptive motors and bi-xenon lamps. As a result, these components can be expensive to repair and even more expensive with mis-diagnosis. With the years of experience our technicians have, we can effectively diagnose and repair all headlamp issues your Mercedes may have. Also we have an industry leading 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty on all of our repairs.


Tire Wear and Alignments

Mercedes Benz vehicles are designed and set up with a mixture of performance and luxury in mind. We regularly see tire wear issues due to this. Oftentimes a Mercedes will have staggered size tires from front to back which will prevent tire rotations. If you have tire wear issues and concerns, give us a call today so we can discuss repairs and solutions. We are a full service repair facility that can install new tires and perform a factory level alignment all under one roof.


Battery Draw Diagnostics and Replacement

The battery on a Mercedes requires as much specialized attention as the advanced electronic modules. In order to replace the battery, factory level scan tool equipment is required. There are multiple resets and relearns that must be completed for all features and functions to work properly. With these advanced systems there is another issue in diagnosing a battery draw. If you find the battery in your Mercedes goes dead overnight, or in a couple of days, you may require advanced battery draw diagnosis. We have the complex equipment to properly read the battery draw your vehicle is experiencing down to the nearest .01 milliamp. With this we can effectively and efficiently diagnose any voltage issues you may have.


Oil Leaks

Often we find ourselves with a few, or a lot, of drips of oil on our concrete driveway. With proper inspections we can minimize the chance of this occurring to your Mercedes. Often we see repeat fail items like oil separators or simple things like a re-used oil drain plug seal. Reset assure if you feel your Mercedes has an oil leak issue that we have the knowledge and expertise to properly and efficiently diagnose these issues.

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Our Mercedes repair and service shop is located in Huntsville, AL. We proudly serve the following areas: Ardmore, Athens, Cullman, Decatur, Fayetteville, Florence, Harvest, Hazel Green , Huntsville,Meridianville, Monrovia, Moores Mill, Muscle Shoals , Normal, Owens Cross Roads, Paint Rock, Redstone Arsenal, Scottsboro Toney Triana and surrounding areas.

We at Huntsville Automotive Inc. look forward to being your Huntsville Mercedes repair and service shop.  Give us a call at (256) 859-8559.

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