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Volvo Repair & Service in Huntsville, AL

Volvo has a long history of producing safe and reliable vehicles. Volvos for many years were not the most attractive vehicles with their distinctive box shape. This was ignored by many due to the safety standards that Volvo set. Volvo “set the bar” in terms of safety for many years. Nils Bohlin, an engineer at Volvo, invented the three-point seat belt in 1959. Volvo considered the invention of the three-point seat belt to be too important to the safety of motorists so chose not to patent the idea and allow all manufacturers to use it. Since the turn of the century Volvo has developed into a stylish car with curves that rival all the European manufacturers. The safety standards that Volvo started with have remained and to this day leave them as one of the safest auto manufacturers. 

Statistically, the brand is listed with the second highest average age when discarded at 19.8 years. A 1966 Volvo holds a Guinness World Record for the highest mileage personally owned vehicle. Unfortunately this particular Volvo was recently entered into a Museum when its owner passed away. 

At Huntsville Automotive Inc. in Huntsville, AL, we make it our priority to keep your Volvo running safely and efficiently with regular service, repair and maintenance. Automotive maintenance is important to keeping your Volvo running in top condition and lasting long into the future. We provide a multi-point digital inspection for your Volvo with any service which helps limit the amount of repairs needed on your vehicle. 

Any questions about your Volvo, feel free to call today and ask. Our service writer Julie owns a 2004 Volvo with over 350,000 miles so she knows a thing or two about the reliability they can offer.

Volvo Repair

Volvo Repair, Maintenance & Services

Some of the scheduled maintenance & services that your Volvo car or SUV may need include:

24/24 Car Warranty

24/24 Warranty

We offer an industry leading 24 month or 24,000 mile warranty.

Common Fail Items

Volvos are known for being reliable cars that require minimal repairs over time. Due to the amount of Volvos we repair and maintain we see a few repeat failures that should be noted to look out for. They include:


Timing Belt Failure

On your early model Volvo the timing belt interval could have been 30,000 miles but as technology and materials improved the later model volvos equipped with a timing belt were factory scheduled to be replaced every 120,000 miles. This service is typically not that invasive as long as the camshaft seals are not leaking oil. If this service is ignored between 150,000 and 200,000 miles we have seen multiple Volvos suffer from a timing belt failure which causes extensive engine damage. The repair for this failure includes removing the cylinder head and having valves replaced or cylinder head replaced depending on the extent of the damage.


Oil Leaks​

We see a variety of oil leaks on Volvos. Some are easy to diagnose and repair but the common ones unfortunately are a little labor intensive. Rear main seal leaks and camshaft seal leaks are the two most common oil leaks we see. Both of these usually have an underlying cause of a failed PCV system (Oil Separator). When replacing the camshaft seals the timing belt has to be removed and when replacing the rear main seal the transmission has to be removed. Neither is an expense we want our customers to see so trust the expert technicians at Huntsville Automotive to try and catch the underlying issue before a failure.


Excessive Rear Tire Wear

Some Volvos are set up to be a performance handling vehicle. In return we see rear tire wear issues that result in “Cupping” and road noises. We have the expertise and knowledge to correct this permanently with our state of the art Snap-On alignment system.


Check Engine Light

Any vehicle will develop a check engine light from time to time. We see a variety of issues on Volvos and have expertise in repairing them all. From thermostats to misfires, we have you covered. We rarely require more than the initial diagnostic hour due to years of experience working on Volvos. Call or Text today to schedule a time for us to prove this to you.

Return Your Volvo to Peak Running Condition

It is a known fact for Volvo owners that there are very limited dealership alternatives available. We at Huntsville Automotive have the dealership level expertise to get your Volvo back on the road at a fraction of the price. Don’t make the mistake of thinking just any shop can work on your Volvo as there are many specialty tools, procedures, and training required. We have invested large amounts in the tools and factory level equipment required to achieve this. We utilize Mitchell 1 information systems which gives us the same Volvo manuals that the dealership uses.

Call or Visit Us Today for All of Your Volvo Service Needs!

Bring your Volvo to our shop in Huntsville, AL, or give us a call at (256) 859-8559 to make an appointment. You can trust us to service your Volvo professionally and courteously, all with the goal of putting you back behind the wheel with a smile on your face.

With highly skilled, experienced technicians who undergo constant training, we guarantee your Volvo will be serviced correctly and promptly. With many years of experience in the automotive repair industry, we are aware of how to expertly service your Volvo so it runs like new. 

Located in Huntsville, AL we at Huntsville Automotive Inc. also serve the surrounding areas, including: Ardmore, Athens, Cullman, Decatur, Fayetteville, Florence, Harvest, Hazel Green , Huntsville,Meridianville and surrounding areas.

Our Volvo service and repair shop is equipped with state–of–the–art Snap-On equipment and diagnostics to best service your car. Give us a call today at (256) 859-8559

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